On January 1, 2019, Natixis transferred ownership of McDonnell Investment Management, LLC (McDonnell) to Loomis, Sayles & Company, Inc., the general partner of Loomis, Sayles & Co., L.P. (Loomis Sayles). In July 2019, McDonnell assigned its clients to Loomis Sayles following a client consent process. McDonnell's team of municipal investment professionals continues its role at Loomis Sayles pursuing the same investment philosophy and employing the same investment process that it has throughout the years. McDonnell's taxable strategies transitioned to the Loomis Sayles Relative Return team in 2019.


Disciplined & Risk-Managed


Integrated Team Framework

A fundamentally oriented, research driven investment process is utilized that focuses on market, credit and portfolio research to construct an extensive range of fixed income strategies.  McDonnell’s “Alpha” team approach facilitates the implementation of the process, enabling team members to efficiently gather and analyze market data through the use of scenario based analyses, spread risk assessments and break-even estimates.


Proprietary Research Process

Credit research has had an enduring emphasis at McDonnell and has served as a cornerstone of the firm’s investment process.  Fundamental research plays a crucial role in implementing investment strategy, and analysts work in collaboration with portfolio management.  This refined, time-tested approach is built upon three core elements.


Distinguished Research Team

  • Substantial Expertise in both Municipal and Corporate Credit Research
  • Senior Analysts Average 25 Years of Investment Industry Experience with Consistent Awards Designated by SMITH’s Research & Gradings1

  Proprietary Momentum Scoring Process

  • Forward-Looking Assessment vs. Point in Time Analysis
  • Research Team Integrated with Portfolio Management

  Sophisticated Credit Surveillance Systems

  • Wide-Ranging Municipal Database Tracking Program
  • Proprietary Corporate Bond Tracking Tool

1  SMITH’s Research & Gradings, a bi-weekly newsletter based in Connecticut, conducts an annual industry survey of large institutional investors to vote on a “All-Star Municipal Analysts Team.” Analysts eligible for consideration in the rankings are with buy-side institutions, sell-side firms, rating agencies and bond insurance companies. Any rating earned by McDonnell is not necessarily indicative of future performance and may not be representative of any one client’s performance.

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